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​​T​o whom it may concern.​​​

I started learning classical guitar with Jerome in October 2014.  The longevity of the learning relationship is itself indicative of the respect I have for him as a teacher.

Jerome is a thoughtful, patient instructor, whose skill when playing the guitar is a source of motivation and pleasure.  He is a knowledgeable musician and can readily instruct on all aspects required, whether theoretical or practical.  This has been very important to me, as I have no previous musical training.  As a result of this my progress has been steady but sure, with an excellent foundation being laid.  In the past two years I have not been able to focus on my guitar learning as much as I wanted.  However, Jerome has maintained his commitment and enthusiasm to me as a pupil.  This has been very welcomed.

I am soon to take my grade 2 guitar exam for which I feel well prepared.  I have every intention of continuing my guitar learning with Jerome into the future.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jerome to other students of guitar, be they young or old, as his personality and skill set are suited to all ages.

Gordon Millar
"I've been learning the guitar with Jerome for just under a year and I have thoroughly enjoyed his lessons.
Jerome's passion for the guitar is infectious and his methods of teaching are extremely effective and make the whole experience a lot of fun.  I have been particularly surprised at how quickly I have been able to read music - his flash card method enabled me to go from complete beginner level to reading music within just a few months."

Bruce Henwood